Who we are.

As holistic event creators, we have a passion for bringing people together and helping communities thrive offering alternative ways to celebrate, decompress and heal.

From our no bullshit attitude, to our brilliant backgrounds in marketing, Frankie & Marley is not your average event planning company. We are passionate, creative and ready to push boundaries. We break the rules and then make our own rules. We aim to bring any vision to life and we want our clients to express themselves freely so we can all work together with ease to create an unforgettable event.

Frankie & Marley operate as event creators in Atlanta, Georgia where we aim to showcase people, places, and alternative lifestyles. We share an inclusive view of the world with a purple haze filter.

Co-creators of Frankie & Marley Productions, Naki and Liz have known each other since 2003 and have been roommates, co-workers and best friends. They share a passion for social justice, community, healing, togetherness and of course, creating lasting memories for their clients.

We are working to build community.

Frankie & Marley Productions partners with Atlanta mutual aid projects, non-profits and progressive political candidates at each of our events to promote their mission. In the past, we’ve worked with The Bakery, Bentley Hudgins, The Tender Foundation, Trans Housing Coalition (THC) and Sol Underground. We highly encourage our attendees to support the community-led efforts driven by these local activists.

“No one is free until we are all free,” MLK Jr.